The Beech deckchair from Groupe Lefebvre


Classic & Classy

            Handy & Strong

Pallet timber

& Wood dunnage


We offer sawn timber for the pallet manufacturing and for wood dunnage

Created in 1946, Groupe Lefebvre is composed of 8 companies.

The consolidated turnover of the group generates 50 millions €uros of revenues (30% export). The group employs 470 people, including 110 in Romania.

Half of revenues provide by wood activity, half by garage door and  garden gates.

Regarding wood activity, the group owns 3 sawmills : 1 in Upper-Normandy, 1 in Picardie, 1 in Romania.

Our sawmills are located inside the main beech forests in France and Romania :
•In Normandy : Eawy forest where is located our main sawmill and also Lyons, Eu and Brotonne forests.
•In Picardie: Retz and Compiègne forests supply our sawmill Scierie DEQUECKER.
•In Romania: NORMAROM is located at Oravita, western Romania, near serbian border.  There is the biggest romanian forests, composed with 80% of beech trees.

Today our sawmills work with only one species: The beech. We need 150 000 m3 of logs to supply our 3 sawmills.

In 2012 we have invested in a new sawmill close to our headquarter to increase our production capacity. We get also a greater flexibility and reactivity in the manufacture of our products in order to respond specifically to each order.

The amount of the investment is 15 millions €uros.

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