Finger jointed scantlings

Our kiln dried beech elements are suitable to produce scantlings, fireproof and isophonic doors.


Door edge bands:

Our door edge bands are glued with Vinyl D3 according to the norm DIN EN 204

We customize on request and we keep in stock these dimensions: 36/37/38/40/50/72/110/140 * 33.5mm – 36*43mm – 48*43mm

For more information please contact us

Laminated and finger-jointed scantlings:

Our scantlings are glued with Vinyl D4 according to the norm DIN EN 204

We keep in stock these dimensions (mm): 72*63mm, 92*63mm, 122*63mm, length  2200 or 4400mm

We are able to produce other widths (thickness 63mm)


Panels for scantlings:

In order to respond to your inquiries, we produce panels in  4400*560*63mm
Other dimensions are available upon request

We keep these panels in stock to reduce procurement times



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