Machined components


If you are looking for wooden parts in beech or particle boards please contact us.

We can mass produce and supply you.


Our engineering department uses 3D CAD solutions (Solidworks) for your design process.

Our state of the art machine park ensures high-quality products with short lead time.

Our park is composed of:

  • 3 Moulding machines.
  • 5 Computer Numerical Control machines (CNC).
  • 1 numerical drilling station.
  • 2 Double tenoning machines with auto loader.
  • 5 Slotting machines (one with 5 heads).
  • 7 Shaping machines.
  • 2 Sanding lines.
  • Few mounting tables.
  • 4 Stretch wrapping machine.
  • 2 Surface finish lines.

We can produce beech solid wood sub-components for furnitures, stained, varnished or lacquered. We are also able to add panels, plexi or hardware.

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